Thursday, October 30, 2008


You see what I mean by crazy, right? :)

I think Lauren looks so much like her daddy!

This is Lauren at 5 days old! So little!

Okay, so I am hoping that this works out right! So many of my friends have blogs, I finally caved in. This way everyone can see my beautiful girls! Cassie is two now! I can't believe it! She is as crazy as ever. We got her an angel costume for Halloween the other day. Of course we had her try it on to make sure it fit and she kept walking all girly like saying "butterfly, butterfly". We tried convincing her that she's actually an angel, but she doesn't agree! So I guess she's now a butterfly for Halloween. We will see how it goes tomorrow. Lauren is doing alright. She's started to sleep through the night occasionally. :) She is 4 1/2 months now. She's finally starting to smile all the time. I love having happy girls!


Katie said...

Cute blog! I'm glad you finally caved, since I recently caved myself :) It's actually quite fun!

Cavandrea Rogers said...

Beautiful girls...Thanks for starting a blog. Everybody bugged me forever too and I finally caved.